What to avoid in your investment property journey

Whether you're buying your first investment property or building your portfolio, the road ahead is full of challenges that you must overcome to reach your investment goals.

As long as you keep your goals in sight, and follow the right advice you’ll be able to navigate the common pitfalls and traps that can make the investment dream a nightmare.


Top 3 of what to avoid in your investment journey

3. Following your heart and not listening to your head

Big decisions are exciting and you may get overwhelmed with the need to ‘follow your heart’ while ignoring the logic trapped in your head.

You will have your overall goals that you came into property investment with, always align your decisions with these goals and proper research.

Eclipse has the experience and expertise that enables you to make logical and considered decisions that factor in your heart’s desires and aligns with our analytical research.

2. Choosing the wrong area

When your buying an investment property realise that the location is just as important as the property itself.

Consider the lifestyle of the neighbourhood, the value of the homes and the popular amenities is it enough to attract renters and ensure you’ll profit off the property.

Eclipse runs through the areas with you, determining the best fit for you and your situation. Laying it all on the line, we guide you to the area that’s right for you.


1. Doing it alone

Not taking advantage of expert advice is a mistake. When you go it alone, you risk missing the critical details that make the difference between success and failure.

You don’t need to hire a large team to get your investment portfolio off the ground. A Buyer’s Advocate works with you and becomes your one contact that manages everything, reporting to you in a way that avoids the stress of being while ensuring that you are informed.

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